How can one heart dwell in two different people

Living in two different worlds.

One dies when he tries to leave his and live in another.

Beautiful mess.

Sweet catastrophe.


​6 Reasons why high school barkada is your constant best set of friends

While we meet a lot of friends as we grow old, we become part of different circles, here are some reasons why high school barkada is still your best up to now.

1. They are one drive away

You live close enough to each other’s homes so you still get to hang out every once in a while.

You don’t get surprised anymore when they pop up like mushrooms outside your house… at 3 in the morning!!! Just to eat the famous lomi in your town, or to binge drink, or maybe to take a short stroll, or just to see your “please let me sleep, I’m too tired” face and have some quiet moment together. Naah scratch that last one, there’s definitely not a quiet moment with high school friends!

Close enough to even be there for the unexpected big moments of their lives!

Wait! what?

Yeah, one drive away!

2. Their family is your family

They know every single one of your family members from your grandparents down to your nieces and nephews. And oh, let’s not forget your pets!

And since your family members know them as well, they become something like extended families. You are invited to their gatherings (Birthdays and wedding anniversaries, etc.) and you’re actually treated as one of them.

Plus your mum wouldn’t stop talking about how she saw your friend’s mum somewhere and that your friend looks even better now and that you should invite them over for dinner because she misses them. Right, mum?

3. They know your past

But won’t use it against you. (Not sure with this one) *Evil laugh*

When you drag your HS friend to meet other friends of yours, and these other ones ask your HS friend about your past, you’ll just get the evilest smile in the world but they wouldn’t spill out your darkest secrets and your jeje past.

4. They’ve seen you evolve

They have seen you grow and mature in life. They’ve seen your transition from rakenrol to jejemon to jejebuster to ninja to whoever you are today. They are a big part of who you are. 

They were there with you on practically almost all of your firsts, there with you feel kilig with your first relationship. They’ve seen you cry on your first heartbreak. And all other firsts. They were with you. They know your dramas in life (coz you know, forums are a thing in High School)

They’ve seen you before farm ville even got invented. Dayum, they know a lot.

5. No awkward moment with them

Your HS guy friends can pick you up and drop you off anytime and your parents do not have to worry because it’s your siblings you are with (well, siblings with different parents, okay) and they know you’re safe.

You can even face them in your literal “woke up like this” state because tell me, how many times did you guys sleep over when you were in high school? I bet countless times! You can actually go somewhere with them without taking a bath first in the argument that “wala namang aamoy sayo!”

No awkward silences, because they won’t shut up!
No awkward anything! See! Too convenient. No hassle.

6. They understand you

You can cry in front of them and expect that nothing will change because they know where you’re coming from. They know you to the core and accept you for who you are and it’s getting emotional so I’ll just stop here. But yes, they understand you and love you even with your darker side. (Because you only have two sides, right? The dark and the darker side.)

Yes, it is really nice to have friends other than these high school ones. Still, at the end of the day, nothing beats having crazy HS gang as your constants in life.

Don’t fall in love with me

​Don’t fall in love with me, friend.

I don’t want you to.

I don’t want you to change for me.

For almost all, it sounds sweet, but I don’t like the idea.

I don’t want anybody changing for me.

Thank you, for always being there for me.

Thank you, for everything.

I did not know you’re falling.

I did not know.

I’m sorry if I said something that made you fall in love with me.

I’m sorry if I did something that make you think you had a chance on me.

I don’t know how it started, how it happened and I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that I love you as a friend but nothing beyond that.

And if you say you’re in love with me, we can’t be friends.

I don’t want to cause you more pain than I’m causing you right now.

If we remain friends, you might just fall harder,

I’m afraid you can’t get back up.

I am not the last girl on earth, friend.

So now, unless you’re not in love with me anymore,

we can’t be friends.

Don’t miss me.

Don’t think about me.

I appreciate you caring for me, 

but do yourself a favor,

don’t worry about me.

Focus on yourself.

Until then, friend. Until then.

Peaceful yet thrilling

​I’m not sure if  you would get to read this here I’d like to post it still.

Sometimes, I wonder, how do I really feel about you?

Because man, I actually don’t feel like checking on you always. I don’t have to send you a message everyday. Don’t have to always ask if you ate already and so. Get this, I think of you, always! But it’s like I don’t have to talk to you all the time. I feel your presence even with the absence of words, like you’re always with me.


I could just sit beside you and stare at you for hours and wouldn’t ever get tired of the view. I could see your not-so-nice side and still be amazed at you. I could look into your eyes and think of ways how to not blink and freeze time because your eyes are heaven, gaah, I could look into your eyes all day. I could even stay the whole night talking about things that we both love or hate or just anything coz darling, sleep is for the weak, right?

I just also wanna say that you’re so cute when something fires you up, like reacting to football and basketball games. Oh dear, you know I’m into basketball just as you do.

I sure fell in love way before I met you. Smiled and laughed and cried and got my heart broken then loved again and cried again and all. But this time, it’s different. It’s so serene and beautiful and everything just feels like music. I’ve never felt anything like this: peaceful yet thrilling.

You are amazing. Everything about you is just so beautiful.

Thank you, for coming into my life! You have no idea, I’m so grateful.

Ps. See you, soon?


Hi everyone who’s gonna be reading this post. Please pray for me as I will be taking the Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examination this October 1,2, 8 and 9. My full name is Lyka Castro Mialdo.

The following are my friends who will also be taking the exam, please pray for them as well:

  1. Clarissa Caraan
  2. Shaira Basas
  3. Charmaine Acomular
  4. Zhen Zhen Ho
  5. Irene Garcia
  6. Niña Rose Fabella
  7. Patrick Perello
  8. Jamine Castañeda
  9. Chelo May Peruna
  10. Michelle Catadman
  11. Leah Guevarra
  12. Maui Sasakura
  13. April Grace Mirasol
  14. Luisa Nepomuceno
  15. Florhee May Lacambra
  16. Michelle Yalung
  17. Jethro Mendoza
  18. Zhaira Pasia
  19. Camille Santos
  20. Ma. Celine Balatbat
  21. Keith Arellano
  22. Ira Ocampo
  23. Patrice Belle Nunga
  24. John Nielsen Dayanghirang
  25. Rubilene Ellazar
  26. Johara Gacusana
  27. Edexa Mabalot
  28. Ron Gabriel Villones

Thank you very much for your time and willingness. Let me know if you also have prayer requests, I’d be glad to pray for you.

God bless you!

13 Types of friends in a Barkada

​1. THE BOURGEOIS: yung friend nyo na takbuhan ng barkadang nangangailangan ng salapi. Siya yung nagfi-finance ng mga major gala nyo, nagbu-book ng flights nyo kasi siya muna magbabayad, oh di ba, Burgis! Ito rin yung tipong nasa convenience store kayo, tapos papahulihin nyo siya sa pila at sasabihin sa cashier: “Uhm, siya po magbabayad.” Babayaran naman nya at saka kayo tatawa. TIP: pagkasama nyo ang friend na ito, piliin mo na yung gusto mo talagang ipabili… I mean bilhin. Trust me. Bibilhin nya yan… I mean, bibilhin mo yan.

2. THE NANAY/TATAY: ito ang tagapanatili ng kaayusan sa barkada, siya din yung laging handa pag may mga handaan, hintayin mo lang may darating ng pinggan sayo, sabay sabihin mo, pati na rin kutsara saka tinidor. Ay! Ibibigay nya yan. Ito din yung pagagalitan ka talaga pag may ginawa kang mali at proud na proud naman sayo pag may naachieve ka sa buhay.

3. THE BABY: kung may nanay/tatay, syempre meron ding baby! Ito yung tipo na nasa kalagitnaan na kayo ng movie sa sleep over nyo, susunduin siya ng parents nya… kasi aaaaay baby 👶 laging may bimpo sa likod. Laging may tawag si mommy kapag nasa bahay kayo ng ibang friend nyo. Hindi nyo na kailangan mamroblema sa pag-sundo at hatid sa kanya kasi tadaaaa on the go lagi ang parents nya para sunduin siya.

4. THE PERFECT-SCORE-IN-ADULTING: yung tipo ng friend nyo na once a year nyo lang makita sa sobrang busy sa life nya, as much as she wants to be with you, sorry guys, kailangan nya to sa life. Ito yung friend nyo na may most straight forward answers sa lahat ng questions nyo, coz u know, #adulting #lessdrama life 💁

5. THE DRUG LORD (LEADER): ito yung friend nyo na nag-oorganize ng lahat ng mga gala ng barkada. Usually ito din yung most punctual at dahil dun, madalas siya ang gumagastos ng food para sa gala. Ire-reimburse daw ng barkada, pero pag-ubos na, “Love you friend” nalang pala. Pero paulit ulit pa din siyang mag-oorganize ng mga gala.

6. THE PUSHER: syempre kung may drug lord, may pusher! Ito naman yung friend nyo na bet naman nya talaga gumala, kaso lang di ito yung type na nag-iinvite, kaya ang modus nito, i-push lang si leader para mag-umpisa ng gala. Usually ang mga ganito ay yung mga lalaki sa barkada. Push nyo yan mga teh!

7. THE WHERE-HAVE-YOU-BEEN-ALL-MY-LIFE: ito yung friend nyo na laging kasama sa lahat ng gala, pero lagi lang siyang tumatawa at walang masyadong sinasabi. Minsan mawawala nalang agad. Umuwi na pala.

8. THE TROLL: ito yung sobrang bet na bet mambully, tipong 3 years ago na yung incident, hindi pa rin makakaligtas sa kanya. TIP: wag lumapit sa friend na to kung di ka naligo o nagtoothbrush o nagdeodorant. Promise papatayin ka nyan sa bully. TIP ulit: wag ka patalo, alam mo ang baho nyan, ilabas mo din sa buong barkada kahit alam na nila. 

9. THE DRIVER: ito yung may motor o tricycle at okay sige, tsekot sa inyo. Walang masyadong explanation, basta tagasundo at hatid sa mga friends nyong baby-pero-not-baby-enough-para-ihatid-sundo-ng-parents. Pasalamatan ang magigiting na kaibigang ito na huling huli palaging umuuwi. Sila ang napapagalitan ng nanay nila pag 6AM na sila umuwi. 

10. THE WOW-POGI-MO-BOY: every month ata… or every week, iba iba ang kasama. Ito yung kapag nagpost sa facebook ng tungkol sa kabaitan niya, asahan mo na ang 84 comments. Kasi, no comment. Pero mabait naman yan, pogi nga lang. 

11. THE JOKER: gumalaw lang to, sasaya ka na. Pag nagsalita to,ay nako di ka na matitigil kakatawa. Wag kang gagalaw!

12. THE SENTIMENTAL: ito yung friend nyo na mabilis maiyak, laging nagkakaroon ng Popoy-Basha-Barkada, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., How I Met Your Mother feels. May mga moments na makikita mo nalang to nakasmile lang kasi daw masaya siya sa feels nya, masyadong in love to sa friendship nyo.

And lastly,

13. THE EXTENDED-BARKADA: barkada but not quite, ito yung boyfriend/girlfriend ng friend nyo na dahil palagi nyang kasama at kinekwento sa inyo, tinanggap nyo na din sa barkada.

Which one are you?

Just let me in, please let me in.

I once heard you,

Asking for someone to talk to.

I once heard you,

Said no one’s there for you.

I wish I was that prep school playmate,

The one you’d like to be with since morning at eight.

I wish I was that grade school seatmate,

Who promised to keep your secret crush on Kate.

I wish I was part of your high school barkada,

To whom you’d share with all your drama.

I wish I was that college orgmate,

Who would cheerfully praise your plate.

I wish I was your company’s accountant,

Who you’d be looking for when you want to rant.

Well that is not my in work description though,

But as a friend, that’s an extra job too.

I always would want to meet you,

In a different way than I do.

I always would want to see you,

In a different setting and different timing, too.

But, we met! I met you, indeed!

It’s kind of unusual but we did.

I once heard you,

Asking for someone to talk to.

I once heard you,

Said no one’s there for you.

Well, maybe you’re blind

Or looking the other way to find.

But I am here,

Always and forever ready to hear.

For you my dear,

I’ll even conquer my fear.

Now, I want to let you know,

How I’m dying to be your friend and so.

Because that’s where I’m good at,

Being there for you, I’ll be best at.

I’d like to be part of your life,

I’d like to break those walls that you built high.

I’d like to know the smallest things about you.

I’d like to show you that you are beautiful, too.
I want you to know me,

In the same way that I want to know you.

I’ll be here, waiting.

Just let me in.

Please let me in.

This one’s for you.

The one I met somewhere.

I want to know you.

I’ll be the friend that you have been looking for.

I’ll be the friend who never lets go.

Just let me in.